Larry Scott, Owner Kestrel Graphic Design

Larry Scott


I’m Larry Scott, owner of Kestrel Graphic Design.

I love graphics!  It’s a first love to me – something I’ve been passionate about since I was two years old.  Yes, I have a formal education and all that, but it’s more than that.  I’m hard-wired for graphics. And, due to some unique twists and turns in my backrgound, I offer a unique combination of skills, typically found only in high-dollar companies in the large metropolitan areas.

I’ve  worked as a free-lance illustrator, photographer, graphic designer and tech writer in Southern Arizona for more than thirty years.  Thirteen years ago, I opened Kestrel Graphic Design, in Benson, Just outside Tucson.  Since then, I’ve developed a wide variety print and web graphics for clients in Southern Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.

Throughout Cochise County, I’m probably best known for our power cooperative’s annual reports and program cover artwork for Cochise Cowboy Poetry and Music Gathering.

I specialize in developing distinctive high-quality branding and marketing graphics for businesses.  Good stuff!  Stuff people LOVE!

To see more of what I’ve been working on, check out the Gallery Page or the posts listed in the right!

Or, for a glimpse of my fine art, visit my Shades of Gray site,

Beautiful stuff – but what does my work cost?  Generally less than – often much less than comparable work from a competent shop in Tucson or Phoenix.  I’ve been accused of charging too little, but – I don’t have the big-city overhead.

So – How may I help you?

Call today at 520-237-0716 for a free consultation.