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Business graphics – promotional materials are everywhere and overwhelming.  If you are working to build your business, your offerings are out there too.  You need something that truly stands out from the crowd.  Something people see and remember, because we generally prefer to do business with someone we know – or at least feel we are familiar with.

My mission is to provide materials that turn heads.  Typical projects include:

  • logo design
  • brochures
  • annual reports
  • magazine  and newspaper ads
  • web sites
  • technical Manuals
  • silk-screen and embroidery design
  • commercial signage

Projects typically blend the following disciplines:

  • traditional illustration
  • digital illustration
  • photography
  • digital editing
  • copy writing
  • page layout

Kestrel Graphic Design offers a unique background and extensive skill set, normally found only in the large metropolitan areas.

Kestrel Graphic Design Logo

Kestrel Graphic Design Logo

To see more of what I’ve been working on, check out the other pages under “What I do”  and the posts listed in the right!

Also, for a glimpse of my fine art, visit my Shades of Gray site,

Beautiful stuff – but what does my work cost?  Generally less than – often much less than comparable work from a competent shop in Tucson or Phoenix. I’ve been accused of charging too little, but – I don’t have the big-city overhead.

The question is – What do YOU need?  How may I help you?

Call me today for a free consultation!  520-237-0716