ILLUSTRATION!  There’s a word that covers a lot of territory!

My background and training as an illustrator “before digital” has served me well.  Back then, it meant working with pencils and brushes and charcoal.  It still does, sometimes.  Or, it may mean computer vector based images.

Often, projects still begin on the drawing board – literally – on their way to becoming mixed-media end-products.  My own ‘mixed-media’ background allows me to take on a wide range of projects.

The examples below give a sense of the many directions I’ve gone with various projects. To see more, check out my Gallery page.

Beautiful stuff – but what does my work cost?  Generally less than – often much less than comparable work from a competent shop in Tucson or Phoenix.  I’ve been accused of charging too little, but – I don’t have the big-city overhead.

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