Graphic Design!  What does that mean?

To me, it means putting all the pieces together so everything fits, harmonizes and makes sense!  Each project is unique, and requires care and attention.  Sometimes, I can’t put it in words.  But, in the end – it needs to look great and make people look twice!

For a high-end corporate annual report, it may include page layout and print management, as well as coordinating the selection and assembly of photographs, illustrations and text documents.

Or, with Georgetown Loop, below, it could be a multi-color silk-screen graphic applied to sweat-shirts in a tourist train gift shop.  This design started as a pencil sketch, and ultimately became a scaleable vector image, layered for the silk-screen process.  In this case, I worked closely with the screen-print shop for a design we still enjoy.

The samples below provide an overview of the types of projects I’ve been involved in.  Also, check out my Gallery page.

Beautiful stuff – but what does my work cost?  Generally less than – often much less than comparable work from a competent shop in Tucson or Phoenix.  I’ve been accused of charging too little, but – I don’t have the big-city overhead.

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