Illustration from "Hoot-a-walleys" book

Illustration from “Hoot-a-walleys” book

My marching orders – Develop and publish a 16-chapter children’s story book, Hoot-a-walley adventures with Miss Badger P. Woof-n-wagger by Sam Noble.  Bible stories from the practical perspective of everyday ranch life.

This was an interesting project.  Client is a great story-teller, and provided the content in text files.  I took it from there, developing the twenty-or-so illustrations needed; one for each story, plus a few to add interest.

The illustrations were generated using a mixed-media process – traditional hand-drawn graphite illustrations, with digital multilayered  color enhancement. In producing the book,  I served as copy editor, illustrator and cover designer.  I then handled page layout, and worked with an on-line publisher to produce the resultant 104-page book.  The book is also available as an e-book.

An interesting and satisfying note – the client reports that, after only about 6 months in print, he has already recovered his investment in producing the book.  How good is that?